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Swain Song (Swainy)
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~Kaboom Boyz go to their first hunter/jumper show~

Monday, March 29, 2010

Boomer says "CHEEEESE!!!"

I ventured over to the hunter/jumper arena for the weekend--and I have to say that my horses and I had a wonderful time.
Scary needs some course work before running his first Training level. NTHJC offered schooling jumpers (3'-3'3"). Perfect!

I figured while I'm taking the little brown fella down the road Boomer should come as well. He's been sound for quite some time now, and though I have not ridden him since January he could at least do the Pre Green hack. My intentions are to turn him into a Derby horse--but he has been out of work now for 24 months so the transition will take place gradually over the next 12 months.

I wondered over to the hunter section of COTH to ask knowledgeable folk for some critique and advice. Wed before the show Tommy videoed (for COTH critiquing) Boom working on the flat and I figured, "what the heck, he can jump a 2' oxar once or twice for my COTH friends."
He was so easy going over the fence that I decided that a course of eight 2'6" jumps wouldn't hurt him so I entered in the Pre Green o/f class as well.

Boomer was first to go at 8am Sat.
He pinned in the hack, 3rd out of 15! We were in great company and the political competition was quite steep. When we all began trotting at the start of the hack he was really confused and didn't quite understand the full arena of horses He was spectacular to the left. I was really lucky that each time we hit the long side I had plenty of room to boot him up and then float the rein to him as we passed the judges stand. We were not so lucky to the right--Boomer kept chasing the horse in front of us.

"Neaner Neaner!! Pthubbbbbb"

He was also wonderful over fences. He nailed all of his changes (thankfully he's auto because I'm change stupid) but the distances were set at an average 5 strides and for the Booms they turned out to be 4 and 3/4, and then finally he dished out 4s in the last two lines. He leaves strides out easily and without rushing so there is a chance, if everyone else sucked, he might have pinned. lol. I did not see results o/f so we'll just have to wait until they are posted online. Collecting him in the corners would have only made the distances worse because collection only adds power to the grey boy.

Though without a breast collar my saddle would not stay in place. Sporty haft spray did the trick but now his back is all sticky!! LMAO. I use Sporty Haft Spray for EVERYTHING. Kind of like the Dad's obsession with Windex in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

He recovered without issues and seemed sound the next day.

Scare Master then showed us what he was made of in the jumpers!

Some of these fences were a good 6" higher than what he was used to jumping. The 2nd fence on course was a fat 3'3" square oxar--and I hit it on a 1/2 spot. shucks! Luckily the miss only put more fire in his step. With each round he became more and more aware of himself and I have to say I was very pleased to feel him learn and grow during the outing.

We always say that Scary's office is XC but I think the little man has a side job in the jumper arena!

hmmm...I'm thinking Level 4 or 5 might be super fun! Gee I wonder if he has enough power?

That's it! This coming weekend is Scray's last Novice HT. On to Training Level at Holly Hill in April and we will also hit the next NTHJC show in May.

stay tuned!

Let 'um RIP!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's time. Time to let The Scare Master rip!

I've worked really diligently to give Scary the best possible beginning and education over XC fences. But at some point a rider must 'man up' and try out the months of training over some big beefy fences.
This weekend, Scary lived up to his title: Small but Fierce.

Saturday I took the little man to Greenwood Farm which has one of the more difficult training level courses in Area V. My best eventing bud, Emily, rode with me and we took part in what I call a "chase". We warmed up over a few small fences and then came out of the start box and let'um'rip through the entire course start to finish, without any delays. Kacey went first--Harry and I followed.

Scary jumped his first Weldon's Wall, his first rated size coffin complex (with a beefy ditch, not just a little hole), his first water complex that required a canter through and extra elements, and his first beefy banks. There were also three max spreads and a max brush. He was surprised by the height and depth of the spreads and I could feel a little extra effort through his shoulder mid air over them--he thrived over the larger fences. : )
I missed that feeling. A little more air-born than usual--it’s an eventer’s dream feeling. He rocked it all.

I'm so excited to run our first Training Level at Holly Hill in a month. I've been side lined for two years so the thought of running Training gives me happy butterflies. Holly Hill is a favorite of mine but I can't deny that the max speed and max fences at Greenwood gives us adrenaline junkies a great taste of super fast fun. Running through the finish flags leaves a romantic after taste, for sure. Also, The Scare Master has such an easy going step--he allows his rider to enjoy XC 'in the moment'.

But 1st on the list is one last novice run at Pinehill in a few weeks. Scary and I were 'had' by the rubbish judging at Texas Rose and we will try to reclaim fame at Pinehill.

All photos from the Texas Rose Horse Park HT. 2/2010.