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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Kaboom Eventing boyz are kickin up the dirt and preparing for some recognized shows!
Though, 1st on the list is the Frederick's Eventing Clinic this weekend at Denton Creek Farms with “small but fierce” Mr. Scary. Thankfully I pulled out the ol' Christmas Tree for The Scare Master to practice over last weekend so he has had a recent jump school. The weather was so frightful in North Texas this week (freezing conditions and 4 inches of rain) that the boys enjoyed 7 days off snuggled up in blankies and jammies--but their break is over and show preparation continues on at Fortnight!

I'm also proud to announce that Boomer conquered his first real jump school and a bit of galloping with no soundness issues following. Boomer is a bounce specialist and he celebrated his return to jumping by, as usual, engaging in a 15 foot canter step and leaving a stride out on the way in to the gymnastic. The boy hasn’t missed a beat! Good ol’ Boom is back.

I hopped on the kids yesterday afternoon to see if there were any rusty edges after the week off. Boomer was super, though he is still very spooky. I started out with a cooler over his back, after a bit of warm up I walked him over to the jumps, pulled the cooler off while mounted and hung it on a standard. 10 minutes later he noticed that there was something odd on a jump standard! Ya don’t say Boomer!? He was so petrified that even when I tried to trot away from the jumps he would spin around to face the hanging cooler and snort like a dragon. I had to dismount and move the silly drape to relieve his anxiety.

Scary was wonderful, as usual, but rather annoyed that Boomer was chosen to be ridden 1st. The little man is such an enthusiastic worker. Riding him after a week off was like trying to have a conversation with a genius toddler suffering from ADD. I’ll be sure to ride him every day this week so that when we arrive at the Frederick’s Clinic on Friday his mind is at peace and he can engage his brain in work rather than bubbling excitement.

Over and out from Wertz. See you all on Monday morning for some Team Fredericks pictures!
All photos taken by Tommy Weekes 1/24/10.


Anastasia said...

Can't wait for Fredericks Clinic pics! My trainer has kept her Christmas tree for the same purpose-- although with all the SNOW here it will be a minute until we can use it.

Have you seen the Taco blog at ? You can follow us if you are signed into Blogger. :)

February 2, 2010 at 7:13 PM

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