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Kaboom Eventing Supporters

Kaboom Eventing Supporters
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Swank Dezign
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Swain Song (Swainy)
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!Kaboom Eventing Blooper Reel!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

You have just opened the door to the Kaboom Eventing Blooper Reel. All of the gag footage that was once lost, you have just found. Enjoy!

~the photos range from 2006-2011 and are in no particular order~

To our wonderful photographers:
Tommy Weekes, Terrie Hatcher, and Jim Stoner
who are there for all times good and bad.


important notice: no humans or equines were injured in the making of these photos.


Time to work on that drift right.

Game over. Ya, that's a 1' brush ramp.

Note to self: to win game of chicken with white flag: ALWAYS SWERVE RIGHT!

From 450 mpm to 0 mpm. No bueno.

No comment.

Sometimes you have to give your horsie an enthusiastic spank if your afraid of a XC fence!

Jake is excited to go on a trail ride!

Yup, Toby racked up 20 faults at the smallest XC fence on the BN course.

The donkey did it.


Nap time is the best time.

Cheeze! (Boom smiles for the COTH Adult Team picture)

Do over.

That is correct, I have no left leg.

My bad.

I wondered why we always ran into trees on course.

It's always five o'clock at Fortnight Ranch.


"Ahhh, There are flowers under that jump!"

Nose dive.

Noble's 1st jump school. Negative on the fun factor. Noble later went on to win many HTs at the T and P levels with Kadi Eykamp. His lowest score was an 18.


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November 14, 2011 at 11:58 PM

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